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Mid-State Antique Auto Club Membership Application

Are you ready to apply for membership OR pay your yearly dues (for returning members) ???  It starts right here on this page …

New Membership Application - Download, print and complete the MSAAC Membership Application.  Then either mail the form or bring it to the next club meeting.  Include your annual dues of  $20.00.

Renew Existing Membership - For existing club members in good standing, yearly dues are payable from December to the March Club Meeting.

Download the MSAAC Membership Application., print and fill out the shaded area (includes - at a minimum) YOUR NAME,  ADDRESS  and CONTACT  INFO (phone or email) plus any new information (cars owned or sold)

 Then either mail the form or bring it to the next club meeting.

 Include your annual dues of  $20.00.

We're still the cheapest date in town !!!

Remember - Owning an Antique/Classic Car IS NOT a requirement for Club Membership

Location - See Home Page for Map and Address